Place like no other...

Place like no other...

Monday, 19 May 2014

It's me, Lorreta.

Hi, my full name is Lorreta Gale anak Jalin.  I am 24 years old this year.  I am an Ibanese and Sarawakian. I come from Sibu, Sarawak.  I am the eldest child in the family.  I have that cheerful character.  I love to smile but there is time I will be very serious.  I am a bit workaholic sometimes.  It is not really "kamikaze" spirit like those in Japan and Korea but I just love doing any work or any new ideas.  I love to generate and invent new ideas.  I love travelling too and go to new places.  I believe we can  gain a lot of experiences through travelling and meeting people.  I love reading books.  Well, it is good to expand your horizontal through reading books.  Besides that, I am a fan of Running Man, a Korean variety's show.  I am so crazy about it! Haha!

Ok, the main reason why I created this blog is because I would love to create memories in this beautiful blog (It's not that beautiful by the way).  This my second blog in blogspot.  I have an old account before but I have permanently deleted it due to personal problem.  I have another blog in wordpress which is visit this blog too and follow me yeah. Thank you.

Lastly, I love an active and healthy lifestyle.  I love jogging and workout to build my small muscle.  Hahaha. I love making friends and meet new people everyday.  I don't easily trust people but I love to make friends.  I am a type of will try my best to maintain a friendship.  Don't be scared to talk to me because I love to talk to people.  Just say Hello and I will say HI!

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